The Tiltan (Clover) Group, headed by the expert David Cyviak, specializes in developing strategies for small and medium companies (SMBs) worldwide. With invaluable knowledge at his fingertips based on his considerable experience, David, the group’s CEO, also specializes in multifaceted consultancy and other services to companies with commercial ties with Israel, including international trade (rich experience in industry, textiles and outsourcing to hotels), business rescue and risk management, family businesses, organizational and consultancy services and business development.

We at Tiltan believe that sharing our accumulated knowledge with small (even nascent) and medium size enterprises can optimize the business’ commercial achievements, thanks to our supportive approach and emphasis on attaining objectives in positive ways.

We believe:
 Business ties with Israel, especially in commerce, should be conducted only with the help of experts familiar with the business culture and authorities in Israel.
 International operations require in-depth familiarity with the target country. Tiltan provides on-going support for forging multiple commercial ties with Israel and from Israel, in the textile industry, outsourcing to hotels, treatment and recycling of sewage etc.
 Formulation of a business strategy and broad-based solutions gives your business a clear direction, saves costs, enables clear-cut job definitions and acts as a catalyst to increase sales, as well as a filter for decision-making.
 When handling business crises, you should manage the crisis, not let the crisis manage you.
 A family business is a platform that offers many advantages, but it may also be highly complex and challenging. We recommend that you navigate your family business with the help of a highly experienced and knowledgeable external expert.
 If you need advice, ongoing support and mentoring, it’s not advisable to go it alone. Let Tiltan help you to set up your business wisely, propelling it forward to commercial success with measurable results
 A strategic.view of the business includes long-term considerations. Setting up a company in Israel requires insurance and pension arrangements: insurance management and pension arrangements, savings and advice, business insurance, consolidation of channels for saving etc.

Among the company’s clients in Israel and worldwide are SMBs that include companies, family businesses, manufacturers and service providers, hotels/ outsourcing companies and textile manufacturers.

Tiltan invites you to join the company’s clientele.

Contact us and maybe your business too will benefit from the many advantages of a business strategy.



The information on this site is intended for anyone interested in the group’s services and is basic and non-binding; it is not a substitute for professional advice. Use of the information and any understanding gained from it are the sole responsibility of the reader, who is advised to contact us
to make an appointment in order to determine his specific needs.









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